Why Choose USB Extension Lead with Wireless Charging Station?

In daily life, USB extension lead has become an important part. We need them at home and work. With the upgrade of design, wireless charging types appear. This new design not only provides convenience to us but also saves space. When you want to use a wireless charging extension lead, you can put your phone on the wireless charging part. It is very easy to use. These wireless socket extensions are ideal for home desktops, office desks, reception desks, conference tables, and meeting tables.

How does wireless USB extension lead work?

The wireless USB extension lead is the transfer of power from a power outlet to your device, without the need for a connecting cable.

Wireless charging is based on inductive charging, whereby power is created by passing an electrical current through two coils to create an electromagnetic field. When the receiving magnetic plate on the mobile device comes into contact with the transmitter – or at least within the specified range – the magnetic field generates an electrical current within the device.

A wireless tower plug extension means less cord clutter. Since each mobile device typically requires its charging cord, many of us are constantly tripping over chargers in our homes. Wireless tower plug extensions eliminate those problems by providing wireless charging parts. 

As an innovative manufacturer of USB extension leads. Jeostorm has high-quality wireless smart products.

Advanced Wireless USB Extension Leads

Type One: Z02UW USB Extension Lead Plug Socket

The small multi-outlet extension cord has 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. There are three USB specs to pick from. The wireless charger on the top allows you to charge more conveniently without looking for a charging cable. These USB extension lead plug sockets with 5 outlets are outfitted with a 10W wireless charger and LED Light indication. The bottom has an overload protection button to protect the power extension socket from overloading the power supply. This type only needs a small space to place, so you can put it on your desk and your bedroom. When you want to charge your phone, it will be more convenient.

Type Two: 713KUW USB Extension Lead Socket

The tower plug socket adopts a vertical design, with the outlets and USB ports distributed on the sides. This wireless USB extension lead socket can save more desktop space, and avoid too many cords clutter. This type includes 10 AC outlets, and the max power can reach 3250 W(13A). The wireless charging part supports 10W. Different types of charging outlets can meet your needs. You can use this type in the conference room, meeting table, and work desk. It is suitable for these places because of various sockets and wireless charging parts.

Type Three: FT02WC Cube Extension Lead with USB

This 2-plug power socket has 2 USB-A charging ports, 1 USB-C fast charging port, and 10W wireless charging. One of the USB-A is an 18W quick charge port. This cube extension lead with USB can support AC sockets, USB ports, and wireless charging. The design of this type caters to your charging needs. You can charge your phone through USB ports or wireless parts. At the same time, you can charge different equipment through this tower extension lead. The small size is easy to place and carry. You do not need to worry about the space.

The Best Choice of USB Extension Lead Jeostorm Factory

These three types are representatives of our wireless USB extension leads. Our factory has many other designs. As a mature USB extension lead company, Jeostorm has specialized research and after-sale team. Our research team can provide customized designs for clients. If you have any questions, our after-sale team will give full support to you.

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