What’s The Difference Between The Different USB Ports On The Socket Extension Lead?

We are not alien to the concept of USB Port, which is short for Universal Serial Bus, a connecting standard for delivering data and power. More and more devices and tools are now equipped with USB ports to power our mobile devices at any time quickly. The same goes for the JEOSTORM socket extension lead.

We strive to create a multi-functional socket extension lead, hoping to provide you with a more convenient way to use it. And this article is mainly to explain to you the detailed functions and differences of the USB ports on our socket extension leads if you’re looking for something to charge your USB devices.

FT12UC and FT12UK tower extension lead with USB

Socket Extension Lead With USB-A Port

This is the most common type of USB port built on the multi socket extension lead. You may find many of them in parallel, each of them being able to deliver 1A or 2.1A (some older versions at 0-2.1A), according to the need of attached devices. These are the same 5V USB ports on your laptop or desktop computer. Most devices in life only use this power, for example, mini fans, desk lamps, toys, electric toothbrushes, etc.

USB parameter details

Plug Extension Lead With USB QC 3.0

QC charging is a charging technology developed by Qualcomm that enables devices to charge faster than standard USB.accomplish fast charging technology for phones and tablets with Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. QC3.0 utilizes a dynamic charging voltage with 200mV increments for the maximum charging speed from 3.6V to 12V at a max of 18W. Its advantage over a 5V USB-A is significant; a QC3.0 USB-A port charges four times faster and is charge an average battery from 0 to 80% complete in one hour. At present, almost all Android phones support the QC fast charging protocol. The extension lead socket with QC fast charging function can support your Android phone for fast charging

W035KT USB port

Socket Extension Lead With USB-C

The USB-C port of published by the 2012 yeas USB Developer Forum (USB-IF); compared with its predecessors. It is a port with more comprehensive compatibility. Allows for faster transfer speeds when used on a computer and is compatible with ports like Display Port, HDMI and VGA (requires docking station). It can use phones and tablets for faster charging, and even some tablets have USB-C ports that you can plug into a docking station for more peripherals.

USB-C has a natural advantage: reversible connector orientation. It is similar to the iPhone’s lightning interface, with no need to distinguish between positive and negative. It saves the hassle of turning the connector back and forth for the proper orientation. Also, socket extension leads equipped USB-C ports are designed with a default 5V/3A max output for newer electronics like phones, tablets, wristbands and smartwatches.

Z04UC USB quick charging port

USB-C Power Delivery Protocol

First launched by USB-IF in 2012, USB Power Delivery (PD) is now in its 3.0 version, which technically supports charging power up to 100W through a USB-C port and does not limit the compatible devices to phones, tablets, and laptops. It will also include other multimedia equipment in the list. Unlike QC3.0, which only applies to devices with Qualcomm chips, USB-PD is universal and more inclusive. The iPhone is currently using the PD charging protocol. For example, iPhone 8 and later models can support PD fast charging with proper accessories. Using multiple socket extension lead with USB PD charging can achieve 50% charging in half an hour and 80% in one hour.

If you want to learn more about the QC fast charging port and the USB-C fast charging port, check out the other two blog posts on my Blog that describe the two fast charging ports.

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