What is an extension power board with humanized design

Almost everyone needs an electric plug extension, and you can find how useful the electric plug socket extensions are when you need to charge multiple electronic devices. Few people care about what electrical plug extension sockets look like in daily life. Many devices play a more significant role due to their human design, making them more convenient to use and improving your efficiency.

What is humanity’s design of electric plug extension socket?

The humanized design does not mean how special the appearance is but refers to adding a design idea to the original product function or feature according to people’s behaviour, habits, and way of thinking. A humanity design extension electric board will perform better to make it more convenient and comfortable to use to meet your mental and psychological needs. With improved living standards, people pursue higher satisfaction and a sense of respect. Therefore, a product that is humanity designed will be more popular. When choosing an everyday necessity, you can prefer an electrical extension board with humanized style.

How has humanity designed electric socket extensions?

There are many types of electric wall socket extensions now on the market. You can also see some humanized designed electric socket extension leads with good features and special appearances. Here is the list of electrical multi socket extensions with human nature. Which one do you like best?

JEOSTORM 2 Way Electric Extension Socket

This 2 way switching extension cable withstand design is equipped with 3 USB-A ports; one port can transmit up to 5V/2.4A. The phone stand is designed with a perfect tilt angle, making it easier for us to watch movies. You can use it while charging, freeing your hands.

Wall-mounted. Use on TV cabinet

JEOSTORM Electric Plug Extension Lead

This multi plug extension lead with USB ports comes with 4 AC sockets; each socket is spacious, don’t worry about interfering with each other, and the keyhole slot on the back gives you the flexibility to mount it on the wall. Anti-slip pads keep the strip stable on the tabletop.


JEOSTORM Plug Extension Tower

This unique tower design is a multifunctional plug socket extension tower with USB; the tower design allows each AC power slot to be very spacious. The charger slots are arranged horizontally, and there is no interference with each device when charging. There help save more space and avoid cable confusion.

Scene graph, white, 3 layers

JEOSTORM Power Electrical Extension Socket

This electrical plug socket extender, equipped with a clock and Bluetooth audio capabilities, has a unique product design with multiple sockets and USB ports. There is a time display function and an alarm function on the front; you can listen to your favourite songs while charging.


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