Using Extension Plug Sockets In A Daisy-chain Fashion Is Dangerous

What is a daisy chain? Many people do not understand what this means, and some people understand the meaning of the daisy chain. They still don’t understand its dangers and continue to use extension plug sockets in a daisy chain way. And this article will let you know what a daisy chain is and what harm it does.

What are daisy-chaining extension plug sockets?

Daisy-chaining refers to plugging a multiway extension plug/adapter into a mains power socket. When you run out of sockets, plug a second multiway extension socket into one of the power sockets on the extension socket. This is a process of linking multiple power extension outlets to each other, all powered by the same single power source in the wall. While extending our socket distance and increasing socket holes may seem convenient, it is very perilous.

Using Extension Plug Sockets In A Daisy-chain Fashion Is Dangerous

What are the dangers of daisy-chaining?

The current cannot exceed 13 amps for extension lead plug sockets, and the problem comes when too many high-current appliances are plugging extension into extension. Such as a fuse will blow. Issues with faulty fuses, adaptors that do not contain a fuse, or poor-quality extension sockets with higher than usual resistance can result in a fire more easily.

This situation is made far more dangerous when extension lead plug sockets are plugged into each other, otherwise known as daisy-chaining. As the number of appliances connected to a single power outlet increases, the likelihood of circuit overload also increases. And extending the length of an extension socket by “daisy-chaining” can also cause the cord to overheat due to overloading.

How destructive is an electrical fire?

Once the extension plug sockets are overloaded, or the fuse blows, there is a risk of fire. However, electrical fire is difficult to put out. As water is conductive, traditional methods to fight fire would only worsen the outcome considerably. As a result, most electrical fires require a special kind of extinguisher. With such a fire, the equipment in the extension plug sockets will likely get damaged. And a fire in a building can spread quickly and become unmanageable faster than it can be contained – all because of daisy-chaining.

Alternatives to Daisy Chaining

Qualified homes and offices should use security solutions in place of daisy-chain plug socket extensions.

-Replace the power strip with enough cord length to reach the power socket.
-Move equipment or desks or whatever needs electrical power closer to the existing wall socket or extension socket.
-Choose the appropriate extension socket that will meet the electrical power needs.
-If possible and feasible, add more outlets to meet the electrical power needs.

You can also choose different types of safe extension leads sockets from JEOSTORM to protect your safety.

plug extension lead with flame-retardant material

JEOSTORM’s multi socket extension lead can provide a variety of different length power cables for you to choose from, such as 1M/1.8M/3M, etc. If you need more specifications, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a consultation. If there is a lack of sufficient socket port. You can choose our tower extension sockets, which support more than ten extension socket holes to power multiple devices for you. (Plugging high power appliances into the extension plug is not allowed, they are only suitable wall sockets)

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