Try Charging Your Electronics With A Extension Plug Socket With USB

Look at our bags and various equipment on the table, such as smartphones, Bluetooth earphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, etc. Each of these different mobile electronics comes with a charger. We find it very confusing when we get home and rush to plug them all into the socket. Moreover, the wall sockets in our room are often not enough, and the chargers are plugged in different places in the house. It is very troublesome to find. Putting an extension plug socket with USB in our room or living room can solve this trouble very well.

Extension plug sockets are now equipped with USB ports so that you can easily charge electronics along with appliances. The USB extension plug socket is a more convenient and elegant charging way to allow you to feed all your mobile devices simultaneously. Here are some critical points for choosing the best extension plug socket with USB. Select a suitable one based on your habit and requirement.

Number of USB ports

Have counted how many electronics we have before making a purchase and choose one USB plug extension lead with the exact quantity. If you find it insufficient several days later because of a new extra electronic device, please select one with more ports than current needs, or buy a multi USB port extension socket.

USB Port Amperage Size

Port amperage determines how fast the USB port is to power your device. Standard USB port amperages include 1A, 2.1A and 2.4A. The different USB port has different amperage output. It can charge all your gadgets with a low amperage, but the tablet charges very slow at a prolonged rate if it uses this amount of low amperage. So if you have multiple electronic devices, please determine how many amps each device needs and select the appropriate multi-plug socket with USB.

USB Fast Charge Port

Some USB ports, such as a QC and USB-C(PD) port, feature a fast charge function. These fast-charge ports can charge your devices faster and ensure a quicker and better charging experience.

JEOSTORM Offers A Wide Selection Of Extension Plug Socket With USB So You Can Better Power Your Equipment.

4 Way Extension Lead With Switch And USB

This 4 way extension leads perfect combination of 4 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports. With a total power of 30W from the USB port, 3 UAB-A ports maximum output is 5V/3.4A, 1 QC 18W fast charge interface.

extension lead with switch use scenario 5

Best 3 Gang Extension Leads Socket

Total 3 AC sockets and 5 USB charging ports. An 18W Type-C Port, an 18W QC Port and 3 USB-A charging ports (single port maximum output power 2.4A).

Safe practical extension lead

Unique Design 4 Way Switched White Extension Lead Socket

4 AC socket, 3 USB-A ports and Type-C port, single USB max output 5V/2.4A, Type-C port with 20 watts power delivery. Intelligently detects your USB devices and provides the fastest and safest charging efficiency.

T04UC Extension lead with switch

Square Design Extension Cord With USB Outlet

This extension cord with 5 outlets outfitted a 2 AC socket, 3 USB ports and a 10W wireless charger. 3 USB ports power 20W, 1 USB-A port 2.4 A, 1 QC port 18W, and 1 USB-C port 20W. It can charge all devices that support the QI wireless charging protocol.

JEOSTORM USB extension plug socket

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