Top 5 Best Power Extension Tower Recommend That Need To Power Multiple Devices!

Relying on a single wall socket for people with multiple devices is not enough. They often need many sockets to maintain the power supply of various devices, and the best power extension tower is the best solution.

Power extension sockets are indispensable in current life, whether at home or in the office. Multiple electronics and appliances are emerging, thus increasing the high demand for extension sockets. If you don’t know much about the power strip itself, you may have a hard time choosing or don’t know what’s right for you. We will give you some options because it is wise to select a reliable power strip, which can give you more peace of mind.

JEOSTORM power extension socket tower has powerful advantages. The uniqueness of the JEOSTORM extension lead tower lies in the appearance and design of USB and AC charging stations. They have multi USB ports and a wide-spaced AC socket so that you can charge multi devices at the same time without bothering each other. Here are JEOSTORM top 5 best power extension towers for your reference.

Top 1: JEOSTORM 10 way tower extension lead

  • *10 wide-spaced AC sockets and 4 USB ports, allow multi charging simultaneously, ideal for home and office.
  • 6 USB ports; each two-port can provide up to 5V 2.4A, faster charging mobile devices. Optional with QC fast charge
  • Two power switches on the top, convenient to control the power supply of sockets on both sides and USB
  • Bottom with overload protection button, full protections, including overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, short-circuit, etc. Guarantee a safer charging environment.
Extension leads tower socket

Top 2: JEOSTORM 10 way extension lead with USB

  • Round tower design with an independent power switch on each floor
  • 10 AC sockets, 4 USB; allow charging at least 14 appliances simultaneously.
  • USB ports power 3.4A total, single port max 2.1A.
  • Comes with 10W wireless charger on top
  • Bottom with overload protection button
813KUW, 3 Layers, black

Top 3: JEOSTORM 11-socket switched tower extension lead

  • 11 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, simultaneously powering up to 13 electronic devices.USB ports power 2.4A total, single port max 2.1A.
  • Full protection against over-heated, overload, over-charging, short-circuit.
  • 6.5-foot long 14-gauge power cord for extended range.
  • Bottom with overload protection button, the shell is made of ABS flame retardant material
613KU white scenes to be used 2

Top 4: JEOSTORM 10 Plug Power Extension Tower

  • Unique design: bottom can be adjustable with a different angle, ideal for a table at home or office.
  • ten sockets and 4 USB ports, allow charging of 14 devices simultaneously.
  • 4 USB ports can efficiently charge four devices simultaneously, total power 3.4A, single port max 2.1A.
  • Comes with 10W wireless charger on top
  • Bottom with overload protection button, has 6.5-inch cable with cable storage design

Top 5: JEOSTORM 2 gang extension socket tower

  • Equipped 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports, can charge at least 14 appliances simultaneously.
  • Smart USB ports: 3 USB ports power totalling 20W, 1 USB-A port 2.4 A, 18W QC port, 1 20W USB-C port.
  • Support Bluetooth speaker connection and clock alarm setting, can listen to songs while charging.
Z04UC Electrical Socket Extension

JEOSTORM best power extension towers have been gaining popularity because of their high quality and good customer experience. JEOSTORM pays attention to practical utility and safety guards to provide every customer with a convenient and safe charging environment.

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