The Benefits Of Using A Round Power Tower Extension Socket

If you have a computer, a mobile phone, a laptop, a Bluetooth earphone or any other set of gadgets gathered in one place, the best solution to power them all at the same time is by using a power tower extension. Not all power socket extensions are alike in our homes and offices, and the experience of different types of power socket extension is also different. It would help if you chose according to your needs.

If many electronic devices need to be charged, many charging problems easy occur without a suitable multiple plug socket extension. Suppose you’re troubled with how to feed all devices faster, easier and safer. In that case, the power tower extension, which comes with a unique design and multiple charging functions, may be your best assistance in handling those charging questions.

Vertical Plug Extension Lead Tower

Power tower extension unique features and designs

The tower power extension lead equipped 11 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. The unique circular design makes all the charging stations uniformly distributed along its body in different directions, with broad enough socket spacing, ensuring enough charging space for the device. You can charge up to 13 devices simultaneously, whether the charger is small or large. That makes things more convenient than a regular strip-type electric socket extension with little charging space.

tower power extension lead

Extension tower with usb ports charges faster with optimal current

Extension lead with USB provides 3 USB ports to charge cellphones, tablet computers, earphones or other compatible mobile devices simultaneously. One QC 3.0 quick charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology provides a 15W charging power and two intelligent AUTO 0~2.4A USB port with innovative identification technology. They can offer or tailor the best current for each connected space without damage. Feel free to share power with friends and families at home and office.

FT09 tower power extension lead

Safer to use anywhere

To ensure the safety of both personnel and devices, the multi socket tower extension lead is built-in various safety protection. Multiple protection technologies can protect your devices from damage against overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, overheating, and short circuits. Surge protection can effectively guard against power surges to keep you and your devices safe. All the sockets come with safety doors to keep children away from electricity. The power tower extension plug socket with an overload protection button can cut off the power at a time when the equipment is overloaded. It is much safer to use for home and office.

713KUW tower extension lead black

Tower multi plug socket make the desktop tidier

With so many devices charging simultaneously, you may find cables lying on the desk here and there. You have to find the right power cord to charge your device. At the same time, the tower socket extension comes with a unique round design that makes the charger convenient. The vertical tower shape also keeps each charger in order with reasonable space so that the cables won’t get tangled together, keep your desk tidy.

Scene graph, white, 3 layers

Control is more convenient

The independent switch design allows you to quickly turn off the power of the socket on each layer. You no longer need to unplug the charger or the device’s plug repeatedly. You can turned off the power at any time; power indicator lights clearly show whether the switched tower extension lead is working correctly. It is beneficial for saving your electricity bills.

Without choosing the right electric power extension socket, you may run into several unavoidable problems when charging too many devices simultaneously. But circular design will the sockets be distributed more evenly. When multiple devices need to charging, you can never worry about insufficient sockets or too many cluttered cables. And the vertical design can have more charging ports and functions while saving more desktop space on your desk

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