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Jeostorm multi plug extension with USB, and HDMI port.
Power: 2/3/4 AC outlets, 1 USB-A port, 20W USB-C Output, and 1 pair HDMI port.

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YK03U+HDMI white desktop universal socket extension lead for hotel rooms use

HDMI port plug and play of desktop multi plug extension with USB for hotel rooms use

HDMI port plug and play of desktop multi plug extension with USB for hotel rooms use

The HDMI port plug and play of desktop multi plug extension with USB is a great extension socket for anyone looking to expand their device’s capabilities. Not only does it provide the convenience of plugging in multiple devices at once, but it also allows for a much smoother and faster data transfer.

A great addition to desk edge workspaces comes with a USB plug extension lead HDMI port. Say goodbye to annoying bending over to the floor looking for a spare close enough outlet, and help get your desk organized.

Chances are you have many different things to plug in at your desk. While you have several options for power sources, this optimized workspace outlet strip includes all the features you need to power all your devices while keeping your workspace clear of frustrating wires and cords.

YK03U+HDMI white desktop USB plug extension lead with HDMI port

Under desk mount gang extension lead with HDMI port

Features of the under desk multi plug extension with USB, HDMI ports :
1. All-in-one desk with power strip with two standard US plug ports two USB charging ports, and an HDMI port. Perfect for the office, hotel, etc.
2. The fireproof USB power hub is made of superior fire-retardant PC material.
3. The socket safety door is a safety baffle in the electric plug socket extension leads hole. The purpose is to prevent anything else from being plugged into the socket, such as a child’s finger or object.

Under desk mount HDMI port extension lead with fast charge USB

Widely-spaced outlets allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a great addition to the desk.

Three different ways to use

There is always one that suits you:
1. Screw mountable design, more steady and sturdy
Put the desk power strip under the desk, insert the screws on both sides, and tighten.

2. Use stickers
Can be mounted on glass,desk or other smooth surfaces with stickers.

3. Placed on the table.

Clamp mount extension lead with fast charge USB fits any desk

Power source with HDMI port and a slim profile that can mount under your table leg for convenient and discreet plug access. It can be mounted under any desktop to face outlets downward, or use the included brackets to face the outlets towards or away from the user.

The YK02U+HDMI white extension socket is installed on the table leg
Back view of YK03U+HDMI white desk clamp

Easy to install on desk

· Adjustable to any edge
· Tighten tension knob
· Plug in and power
(No screws required, No need to punch holes in the table, or desk leg.)

Size of YK03U+HDMI desk clamp

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