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13 Amp Extension Lead with 3 USB-A, and Mobile Phone Holder, Grey-black

JEOSTORM’s 13 amp extension lead have 3 USB-A charging ports, and a single USB port can output a maximum of 2.4A.
The FT02 13 amp extension lead is selling in 4 colors and 2specifications (5V 3A / 5V 4.8A), and the body remains lightweight.
The bracket design and explores the needs of daily life.
The fire retardant materials of the JEOSTORM 13 amp extension lead are PC and PP, all-around protection to keep you and your devices safe.
The maximum output power of 3 USB-A ports is 5V 3A (5V 4.8A) and is compatible with many electronic devices.

2AC Extension Lead

This 13 amp extension lead is protecting against overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short-circuiting.

Total output (two specifications): 5V 3A / 5V 4.8A


13 Amp Extension Lead

This 13 amp extension lead with usb uses standard British 1.25mm² copper wire and provides a rated power of 3250W (250V~13A).

Designed for British 3-pin plugs.

The desktop extension cord of JEOSTORM provides security for your equipment.


These shell fire-resistant design desktop double extension lead sockets are made of PP and PC material, which is flame-retardant. Don’t worry about fire hazards.

The JEOSTORM grey extension leads with USB sockets has 2 AC power sockets and 3 USB-A charging ports. It automatically detects the device when it is connected and provides the fastest charging speed.

Use in meeting rooms
Use at desk

The JEOSTORM portable 13 amp extension lead with USB adopts a high-quality fireproof shell and phosphor bronze connection, which can provide fire protection and overload protection to protect you and your family.

The power socket extension maximum output power is 3250 watts (maximum 250 volts, 13A), and it is suitable for charging most office and home appliances.

Features of The Product

This cube extension lead socket volume is very small. You can carry it easily. You can arbitrarily put it in your bag and use it to charge your Ipad, mobile phone, and laptop anytime, anywhere.

JEOSTORM 13 amp extension lead are making from a high-quality 1.25mm² copper bus bar, durable 13 A power cord, and fire-retardant plastic. The entire power board complies with UK safety standards.

The two way short tower extension lead is made of PP and PC flame-retardant material and can protect your devices from over-current, over-charge, short-circuit & over-heated.

Overcharge Protection

Temperature Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Drop Test

Customized Color :

Customized color

Here, there may be something you like better.

Overview of The Portable 13 Amp Extension Lead

2 AC plugs and 3 USB charging ports.
FT02 two specifications of power parameters:Three USB-A ports total 3A (4.8A), and a single USB-A charging port has a maximum output of 2.4A.
The 1.25mm² copper extension cable has a maximum transmission current of 13A and a better current-carrying capacity.
At the bottom, the product is equipped with 4rubber pads to prevent slipping. In addition, you can also choose to use a fixed bracket.

The functional 13 amp extension lead makes it a perfect complement to your home office, entertainment center, or work area.
The portable extension lead sockets save space so much that our desk looks cleaner.
It is more suitable to use as a personal extension lead socket and exclusive to your small items.
The mobile phone holder design and the perfect tilt angle make it easier for us to watch movies.
Built-in advanced components passed the safety test and then improved the safety performance.

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