Power Socket Extension Lead

The safe and reliable power extension socket can greatly increase your daily use experience, and save more space on your desktop
use JEOSTORM safe extension leads Improve your electricity quality and make your life safe

Practical multi socket extension lead

As our reliance on electronic devices and home appliances has grown, so have our devices quantity. If relying on just one wall socket port is often not enough, it is very important to find a perfect power socket to power the device.

And are you and your family using the reliable power extension lead? Our extension socket has a variety of safety protection designs to protect your device from power damage. A practical and safe extension leads socket to avoid security threats caused by charges efficiently.

If you’ve been looking for something suitable for these conditions, JEOSTORM’s extension lead socket are an excellent choice for your power safety.

multi socket extension cable

Making use of the multi socket extension leads can help you organize your desktop efficiently. There is enough space between the sockets to plug in other equipment plugs, which is suitable for house and workplace. helping you build an easy and also tidy environment.

Smart USB function built-in USB charging management IC can automatically identify your USB power supply device. You can also choose two fast-charging port models with a QC port and a Type-C port. Extension lead with USB can provide the fastest charge speed for your mobile device. Safeguarding the device from damages, no need to worry about mutual interference when used with AC sockets at the same time.

extension lead with switch

This socket extension lead with switch design, the power switch can power on or power off easily, and the LED indicator lets you see whether the outlet functions are straight. You can freely regulate the power supply of the socket, reduce your standby power usage, convenient to save electricity

The wall mounted extension lead socket lets you flexibly install it on the wall surface or floor. There is no need to worry about the lack of desktop space; installing directly on the wall can save more desktop space. At the same time, the non-slip mat permits it to be steady on the desktop without worrying about slipping off readily.

4 plug extension lead Card slot
Overload protection button

The overload protection can effectively safeguard your equipment; when the power exceeds the rated capacity, the overload warning device switch of the equipment will immediately cut off the power supply. JEOSTORM electric socket extension can effectively secure your equipment from overload, short circuit, over-temperature, over-current as well as other threats.

Our plug extension lead has to charge protection function. The shell adoption is advanced flame-retardant material of ABS or PC, high-temperature resistant、anti-drop wait. Durable shell materials can effectively avoid fire hazards triggered by overload, overvoltage, and overcurrent throughout use.

plug extension lead with flame-retardant material

JEOSTROM powerful socket extension leads have a variety of styles, suitable for most charging devices on the market. You can choose the one that suits you at will.

T04U and T04UC long extension lead

The long extension lead socket has 4 AC sockets and 4 USB ports. USB port with Type-C fast charging port, the main switch has overload protection function. Large spacing sockets can charge various large plug devices simultaneously without interfering with each other.

W035K and W035KT switched extension lead

The switched extension lead socket ​has 3 AC sockets with 5 USB ports, equipped with two fast-charging ports: USB-C 18W port and QC 18W port, which can support eight devices all at once; It can be excellent for all your device charging demands.

W04KU and W04KUT 4 way extension lead

This 4 way extension lead comes with a 6.5ft cord, 4 USB ports include an 18W QC 3.0 port. Socket built-in a safety shutter to prevent child fingers from inadvertently being inserted into the outlet caused danger. The shell is made of PC advanced flame retardant material, preventing fire hazards.

FT09 extension plug socket

This round extension plug ​socket comes in various colours, equipped with two AC sockets and three USB ports, one USB port that supports QC 15W fast charging features. At the same time, it also has a unique mobile phone stand design, freeing hands and keeping the desktop tidy.

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