Power Socket Extension Lead

The safe and reliable power extension socket can greatly increase your daily use experience, and save more space on your desktop
use JEOSTORM safe extension leads Improve your electricity quality and make your life safe

Practical multi socket extension cable

Do you and your family use the reliable power extension lead? a good and also safe extension leads socket can efficiently avoid security threats caused by charge

JEOSTORM power extension lead is an excellent option for you to use power secure

multi socket extension cable

Our plug extension lead has Charging protection function ,The shell is flame-retardant material of ABS ,high-temperature resistant、anti-drop wait.

This extension lead with on off switch style, can properly power on or power off easily,convenient to save electricity

The overload protection can effectively safeguard your equipment, such as computers, TVs, mobile phones, and other household equipment from overload, short circuit, over-temperature, over-current as well as other threats

Smart USB function can provide quick Charge for your mobile device, safeguarding the device from damages, no need to worry about mutual interference when used with AC sockets at the same time

Multi-interface And Backup card slot

The wall-mounted extension lead enables you to Install it on the wall flexibly, while the non-slip mat permits it to be steady on the desktop without worrying about slipping off readily.

Making use of the multi-socket extension leads can help you organize your desktop efficiently. There is enough space between the sockets to plug in other equipment plugs, which is suitable for house and workplace. helping you build an easy and also tidy environment.