Precautions when using extension lead socket

In this age, our lives run on electricity; whether you live in rural areas or urban, electricity is the main component of our lives. It is precise because the power extension lead socket is a common item that almost every household uses, so many people do not pay attention when using the socket extension. The improper use of the socket extension can also be dangerous. Let’s take a look at some common problems with power extension cords.

Question 1: How to choose safe extension lead sockets

1. according to the use of device electrical power to select the appropriate specifications of the multi power extension socket (Overloading is strictly prohibited).

  • Pay attention to choosing a socket extension lead with a ground wire.
  • Pay attention to the area of the power line. The softer heating wire is best avoided when connected to high-power electrical appliances.
  • Pay attention to the clamping force of the copper insert; the good socket can guarantee the insertion of 5000 times, the clamping power is still OK. When buying and inserting, you can try to plug in a few times with a plug.
  • Notice whether the switch is a silver contact (reducing the arc produced).
  • Pay attention to whether the material is flame retardant; the flame retardant material can prevent the burning from expanding, thus avoiding the accident.
multi socket extension cable

Question 2: Is there a spark when the plug is inserted or pulled out of the electrical extension lead socket plug? Is it dangerous?

This is a normal phenomenon. Plugin electrical apparatus (load) has a current through, electrical current is very large, plug, socket contact resistance, so spark.

If the plug is always sparking, it is not normal. This is due to the bad contact between the plug and the wire, which should be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can cause fire easily.

Question 3: how do you know whether the power extension lead plug is ageing and should be replaced?

Ageing performance: high temperature, wire, socket, plug and socket damaged hole Bianhei too loose or too tight, bad contact, the above phenomenon will stop and replace.

Question 4: can a large power appliance simultaneously use the multi socket extension lead ​?

It is best not to do this. Many high-power electrical appliances use the same electrical socket extension, easily overload operation and cause fire hazards.

Remind you not to use high power appliances such as air conditioning, microwave oven, and so on. It is best to use independent fixed sockets and not use mobile sockets.

Question 5:Will using the extension lead with USB port affect the mobile device?

Will not. JEOSTORM’s extension leads with USB has a built-in USB charging management IC. Which can automatically identify your USB device, provide the fastest charging speed, and at the same time provide a high battery charging conversion rate, providing safe charging for your USB devices.

713KUW tower extension lead black

After understanding the above, you need to understand the multi plug extension lead sockets precautions.

(1). Long standby

Many families are accustomed to plugging the power supply of many electrical appliances into the same electric socket extension and using the power supply for a long time. This can easily lead to overload. Overload operation will cause the power strip to heat up and short the wires, which will damage the electrical appliances and even cause a fire.

(2). Do not insert extension lead sockets ​randomly

For the convenience of some citizens, it is dangerous to pull the cords at home by themselves. If the quality of the selected product materials is not good, it may cause leakage. At the same time, the grounding jack of the three-eye socket is connected to the neutral line pin when wiring. Once the neutral line of the power supply is disconnected, the live wire of the power supply passes the electrical coil. It passes through the connection point, which will cause the electrical enclosure to be charged, which may cause an electric shock accident.

(3). Pay attention not to overload it.

Do not share a power socket with high-power appliances in life; some households plugin high-power appliances such as refrigerators, colour TVs, and air conditioners into a multi power extension socket, which is not safe. Because the starting current of refrigerators and colour TVs is very large, the starting current of refrigerators is five times the rated current, and the starting current of colour TVs is 7 to 10 times the rated current. If the refrigerator and colour TV start simultaneously, the socket contacts and lead loads are too high; they will affect each other and be dangerous.

(4). The use environment of the power extension lead

When using or placing the multi mains power extension leads, be sure to keep them away from sources of fire. When using an extension cord outdoors, please use an outdoor dedicated extension cord to prevent water ingress, exposure to sunlight, etc.

(5). Don’t be careless if something goes wrong

With the increase in the service life and frequency of use, the power extension board will be ageing and damaged. Once a fault occurs, you must replace it in time.

(6). Pick and buy qualified extension leads

The most high quality sockets extension lead is made of high-grade materials such as ABS or PC, with built-in all-copper wires, which have high fire resistance, moisture resistance, and impact resistance.

At the same time, choose an indoor, outdoor or waterproof power extension cord according to your needs to avoid misuse and cause disasters. When using it, read the instructions carefully, operate as required, prevent short circuits, etc., especially.

How the JEOSTORM tested plug extension lead socket

Our engineers and test editors thoroughly test the power socket on our website. Besides, we conduct surveys, research markets, talk with product managers, and by our own experience. Before adding them to our website, we tested the power strips in kitchens, family rooms, workplaces, and offices. JEOSTORM pushes the Circuit grounding through Sperry instruments. You can find out the best of the best power plug extension lead ​on our website.

JEOSTORM is offering its services 24/7 and giving you peace of mind. We are providing reliable electric services and products as compared to our other competitors in the market. Want to take our services? No need to be shy, just give us a call at +86 139 2463 3006 or mail us at JEOSTOR is priding to help you at your doorstep.

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