JEOSTORM Safety Socket Extension Cord Prevents Harm To Children

Electricity is home an essential power source that brings much convenience to our daily life. At the mean has hidden dangers, especially for kids who have little knowledge about electricity and electric devices. With more and more household appliances, chargers, socket extension cord, etc. used in the home etc. Children will inadvertently touch or play with these socket holes. This has also led to many accidents.

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In daily life, you may only concentrate on the convenience and effect that multi socket extension cord brings to you but never notice what potential harms it may bring to use those. Properly used power extension cord sockets can yourself and safer for families with children.

What problems should I pay attention to when using a plug extension cord?

Typically most homes will have a plug extension cord installed within easy reach. But it also means that children can easily touch. There are many cases where kids get injured when using appliances. They may put the keys, pins, hairpins or any other metal objects into the outlets which can conduct electricity, thus causing electric shock.

How can the probability of these hazards be reduced?

After realizing the danger of electricity, you need to pay attention to a few points when choosing a multiple plug extension cord, which can minimize the threat.

Socket Safety Door

According to the national standard, all the extension cord sockets must be designed with safety doors. The safety doors are the safety isolation tools created inside the jack socket. The Safety shutters prevent foreign objects from being inserted into socket outlets, protecting kids from electric shock and preventing dust. When choosing an extension cord, buy multi outlet extension cord with socket safety doors.

Switch protection

Flame Retardant Material

An extension cord outlet that features a fire retardant is one of the important security assurance conditions. It would help if you made a qualified extension cord with premium housing materials that are insulating. Such as ABS material and PC material; ABS material has extreme toughness and impact resistance, which improves the hardness and durability of the shell. The mechanical strength of PC material is very high, and it has the characteristics of heat resistance, impact resistance and flame retardant.

plug extension lead with flame-retardant material

Overload protection

Many households will insert multiple electrical plugs into the same outlet extension cord, which may include high-power electrical appliances. The overload protection function prevents the damage caused by the electrical device’s power exceeding its rated capacity. Overloading can damage power extension cords, trip circuits, fire and other hazards. Therefore, please do not insert high-power electrical appliances into the extension cord socket during use.

JEOSTORM socket extension cords are high-quality fireproof materials with a built-in overload protection design to prevent short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, overload, etc. We all use the suitable pure copper power cord with good toughness for the internal structure, not easy to oxidize, safe & reliable.

For the safety of your kids, change a good extension cord sockets.

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