Individually Switched Tower Extension Lead Let Each Device Is On Your Control

Socket extension lead makes it easier for us to charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously. A USB port can also be set with a mobile device, so you no longer search for a charger when charging your phone. When connecting several devices to one socket extension lead, how will you do If and when you don’t need one of the devices to charge? Most may unplug or turn off the device. But the current is still flowing in the circuit, not only a waste of electricity, and your device may damage once there are surges. You are cutting off the power source of the best way to protect your device. If you use individually switched tower extension lead, then can solve this problem very well.

Benefits Of Individually Switched Tower Extension Lead

In most people’s eyes, the power switch at the extension lead socket allows you to turn off all your devices at the same time. The independent power switch design, however, enables you to alone control each outlet as you like. You can turn off each plugged device by pressing its separate power switch without blocking other sockets. Some extensions lead with individual switches and USB also control mobile devices power. The individually switched tower extension lead is more suitable for appliances you must plug in and off frequently.

It is also an excellent way to save electricity for home and office use by turning off the device you don’t need to charge. Turn off the socket for your computer when you go to bed or turn off the TV power socket when you don’t want to watch videos. But if you may wish to keep routers and air conditioners or other devices full of energy all the time, you can turn on the power socket switches for these devices individually. Different sockets work separately without interfering with others.

It is also ideal for office use, it can supply to power your different office equipment. If you share one extension lead socket with your colleagues, you can control your device socket power without blocking others.

You can learn more about individually switched tower extension lead products here.

Multi Socket Tower Extension Lead With Surge Protection

This multi socket tower extension lead with various charging methods; up to 10 AC sockets, 4 USB ports, and one wireless charging can allow you to set 15 electrical appliances simultaneously. And tower design can save more desktop space.

Square Design Electric Extension Plug Tower

This square electric extension plug tower differs from ordinary circular buildings and is designed into a vertical square. The unique rectangular base occupies the smallest desk space but fully uses the upper room. The total has 12 sockets and 4 USB ports, rate power of 1875W.

Tower Socket Extension With Wireless Charger

The unique tower design is also a multifunctional wireless charger. In this tower socket extension with a wireless charger, each AC power supply slots are spacious, and the charger slots are arranged horizontally, which will not cause any interference to each device during charging. Vertical design help to save more space and avoid cable confusion.

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