How To Wall Mount An Wall Mountable Extension Lead?

How to install the wall mountable extension lead on the wall? Many people have this problem. Many people have an experience kneeling on the floor trying to plug an appliance into an outlet extension lead on the floor. This is a pain in the neck, especially for elder people or when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem that needs plugging and unplugging the cord multiple times, you need to bend over and squat on the floor constantly, which is very troublesome. This article introduces ways to install the extension lead multi plug to the wall or furniture at a comfortable angle for easier access to the power supply.

wall mountable extension lead

What do I need to prepare before installing the wall extension socket?

First of all, you need to check whether there is a mounting groove on the back of the electrical extension lead socket you purchased. Some electrical extension lead have mounting holes; others don’t. For those with mounting grooves, you need to prepare first like a screwdriver, two wafer head screws, two plastic anchors, a ruler and a pencil. If there is no installation groove, you only need to prepare a roll of double-sided tape, velcro and a pair of scissors. You are then ready to install the wall mountable extension lead.

1. Find a Suitable Location

You need to make sure the power cord is long enough to connect to the nearest wall outlet as our extension lead plugs need to be plugged into the wall outlet. The mounting height and location depending on where you are using the extension lead. For example, When your computer and peripherals require a power, the best mounting height is at your chest level when you sit down; when using the power in the kitchen, its best mounting height is slightly above the kitchen counter.

2. Install the Wall Mounted Socket Extension

Measure the distance of the mounting holes on the back of the wall mounted socket extension, then use a pencil and a ruler to mark two drilling points on the wall/furniture with the same distance. Use an electric screwdriver to drive 2 holes with the same diameter as the screws, then tap in 2 plastic anchors into the pilot holes until they are flush with the wall/furniture. Finally, drive two screws into the plastic anchors, and leave about 3-5mm protruding from the wall/furniture. The last step is to install the power board on the screws.

wall mountable Back groove

Multiport Power Socket Extension Lead Without Mounting Holes

It’s easier to install a power socket extension lead with double-sided tape; you don’t need to drill mounting holes in walls or furniture. You can mount socket extension lead on walls and under counters in any orientation.

The first step is to clean the wall/furniture surface and the back of the multiple plug socket extension first so that the double-sided tape can adhere to them. Then cut the hook & loop fasteners into two stripes, and attach the “hook” side to the wall and the “loop” side to the power strip. In this way, you can freely stick the power multi plug extension lead on it

Plug the Cord

You can plug the cord into the wall outlet and turn on the power switch. Using the wall-mounted extension cable allows you to easily install it on the wall, solve the problem of the use position, and save your desktop space simultaneously.

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