How To Place The Suitable Electric Socket Extension For Your Home?

Charging mobile devices or powering appliances has always been a hassle in our family or office. We are often troubled by the short or far distance of the power socket on the wall, and the electric socket extension is to solve these problems. Let you get power wherever you go and provide you with power at your fingertips for your life.

When adding a power extension cable to your home and office, you need to think carefully, not blindly choose. A suitable electric socket extension can provide a good use experience and add more beauty to your space without being obtrusive.

Multi Plug Socket Extension For Living Room

The living room is where most families spend the bulk of their time and where most people host friends and family. It’s smart to be sure that there are ample sockets available. You can place a power outlet extension next to the sofa, next to the coffee table, TV and some corners. This ensures that you can charge your devices at any time, and there are enough sockets to power multiple devices. Also, if your family likes to decorate for the holidays or throw a party, consider your socket needs. For example, Christmas tree placement may require additional main power extension leads.

With a wireless charging function on top, you can opt for this vertical extension cord with 12 sockets and 4 USB ports in the living room. No matter how many devices there are, enough sockets, if you or your guests want to charge the device without dragging the power cord, you can put it on the wireless charger on the top to charge instantly.

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Electric USB Socket Extension For Bedroom

You need to check the placement of your bed first, as well as the dresser and computer desk. Consider your usage habits in the room; this will help you place outlet locations that meet those needs. For example, do you need somewhere close to your nightstand to charge your phone, alarm clock or a small reading light? Will your bedroom have a TV or computer and need an electric extension socket plug board in an area?

To meet the above needs, you can consider this cube extension plug with a clock display, with two AC sockets and three USB ports. You can also use it to set alarms, play music, etc. It has a variety of functions and can add lovely and functional decoration to your bedroom.

JEOSTORM Electrical Socket Extension

Or you can choose this small extension lead with a stand design, AC sockets on both sides, three USB ports on the top, a fast-charging port that supports QC and USB-C, and the standing part supports wireless charging function, three charging methods. You can place the phone directly on the stand, watch movies video calls, free your hands, and can be used while charging.

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Electric Socket Tower For Study

Among many areas, the desk may be where the most devices are stored, and it needs to power multiple devices, such as display screens, computer hosts, mobile phones, tablets, etc., and even printers, stereos and other equipment. These devices all need multiple sockets for power supply, and this upright extension leads can solve this problem very well. It has 12 AC sockets and 4 USB ports, of which the USB ports support type-c ports, which can provide you with Your iPhone or Android device offers fast charging, while the square design saves more desk space, making it ideal for a desk or office conference table.


Or you can choose this wall-mountable 4 way extension socket with a keyhole slot on the back, giving you the flexibility to mount it on a wall or baseboard. Anti-skid pads keep the strip stable on the tabletop.


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