How To Organize Your Desk With A Extension Tower Socket?

What is an extension tower? The extension socket is a solid bridge among many home appliances, allowing multiple electronic devices in our home or office to use the power socket simultaneously. However, many people think the power extension socket is just a simple power supply equipment for the device. Slowly, your find that the desk is becoming messier and messier, and there are more and more cables.

Why? Due to the increase in office equipment and desktop equipment, the ordinarily designed extension plug socket can only meet your average charging needs. Still, once there are too many devices, it will not be in harmony with the surrounding decoration or furniture decoration. This will cause the multi plug extension socket to appear intrusive. At this time, you can choose our vertical socket extension tower. The extension tower socket is a new design that can meet the changing needs of your multiple devices and save your desktop space and make your desktop tidier.

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The best power extension tower can keep your desk tidy

Nearly every extension outlet is connected to various plugs at home or your desk, and cables can get tangled. Faced with this situation, you have two options. One: Choose to mount the power strip under the desk or hide it on the back of the computer. This is self-defeating because your desk can still get cluttered, and when you need to power off your device when you’re not using it, it’s not easy because you may have to bend over to find the button and power off.

At this time, you can try the multi plug extension tower. The tower socket adopts a vertical design, and you can place it firmly on the table. The vertical tower extension socket has enough height. The sockets on the surface are evenly distributed all around so that all your electrical plugs can function well without interfering. You can find every correct socket hole right and reduce the clutter of cables, keeping your desk perfectly tidy.

The multi extension socket tower can save desktop space

Traditional strip extension outlets must occupy the same space as the device’s size. If you don’t have a lot of equipment and have a lot of desk space, or you must use such a horizontal power extension outlet on your desk, you don’t need to worry too much. But if you have a crowded desk space, a lot of equipment, and some sizeable electrical plugs, you’ll need to reserve extra space. So you might as well choose a tower extension plug, The vertical design rationally makes the best of vertical space, and only its bottom occupies a little space.

Replace other chargers

Our power socket extension tower has multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and wireless charging. This allows you to charge various appliances or mobile devices simultaneously. JEOSTORM Extension Tower Socket With USB uses leading innovative technology, each USB port can automatically detect your device and provide the fastest charging speed. The AC outlets are well spaced, and you can get the most out of each one. No matter how many appliances or mobile devices you have, one such extension tower socket with USB port will be enough to accommodate those appliance plugs.
Unique Desktop Artwork for Home or Office
Our plug extension tower can be designed with different styles and craftsmanship. Perfect for home decoration with exquisite appearance and unique design. Even some tiny portable power extension towers have unique features like clock functions, Bluetooth speakers, and air purifiers. You may forget that they are an electronic devices but a fine desktop artwork each time you head up.

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With living standards improving, people nowadays go not only for usability but also for quality. Multi socket extension towers have brought convenience to daily life and helped create a better lifestyle. So you can freely choose the products you need according to your needs and situations.

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