How to Choose a Suitable USB Power Extension Socket for Travel?

Travellers carry a variety of devices, ranging from daily necessities to communication equipment. Many devices can meet their needs on the road, including Bluetooth earphones, laptops etc. When the number of devices on your body gradually increases, your power supply problem will come, and you need to prepare multiple charging adapters to supply power to different devices. Carrying a USB power extension can beneficial, so you don’t have to worry about running out of sockets in your hotel when you travel. If you’re looking for a portable and functional power extension socket with USB, you can get some help here.

The voltage of the USB power extension socket

The USB ports on many power socket extension with USB will have some power marked on the surface, and if you think that the USB ports of the USB power socket extension are all the same charging power, you are very wrong. Because of the different types of USB ports, the charging power will also be additional, and the power is significant for the charging speed of the smartphone. If you look at the previous standard, the rate of the standard USB port is pretty average, but most mobile phones now support fast charging. If you use a USB port that supports fast charging, the effect is entirely different.

Different mobile devices will have other charging protocols. For example, iPhone uses the PD charging protocol, which supports charging power of about 18W to 20W. Then there is the QC charging protocol for Android phones, which can also reach a charging capacity of 18W or even higher. Use the fast charging port 3-4 times faster than a standard USB port.

JEOSTORM Extension Plug Socket With USB

In addition to the USB port, the AC charging socket is also essential. It can power our notebook or some other device adapters. When you carry a portable multi plug power extension board with USB, you don’t have to worry about running out of wall sockets in your hotel.

In JEOSTORM, You can find many travel USB power extension sockets with functional features or unique designs to add convenience to your trip.

2 Way High Power Extension Lead Socket

This extension leads with switches and USB comes with a 6.5-foot extension cord to provide the best range of use. Equipped with three USB ports, the USB ports support QC15W fast charging. Make sure to transport the best power flow to your device. shell is made of a fire-resistant PP material

2 way switched extension lead on the desk, Cyan

4 Way Extension Lead With Switch And USB

The extension lead with USB ports combines 4 AC sockets, 4 USB ports total power 30W, UAB-A ports maximum output is 5V/3.4A 、1 QC 18W fast charge interface. It can intelligently detect your USB devices and provides the quickest and safest charging efficiency.

extension lead with switch use scenario 2

Power Cube Extension Lead Socket

This 2 plug extension lead with USB features 2 USB-A charging ports, 1 USB-C fast charging port, and 10W wireless charging, with a maximum output power of 18W from the USB-C port. Supports wireless charging at the stand. You can carry it easily. You can arbitrarily put it in your bag and use it to charge your Ipad, mobile phone, and laptop anytime, anywhere.

Use in meeting room, FT02WC

Extension Cord With USB Outlet

With a small and compact design, this extension cable with USB socket can power multiple devices simultaneously and charge your phone by placing it on top.3 USB ports power overall to 20W, 1 USB-A port 2.4 A, 1 QC port 18W, 1 USB-C port 20W.

Z02UWC multi outlet extension cord

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