Does Your Plug Socket Extension Have A Socket Safety Door?

What is a socket safety door? Many people do not know what this means, and I will spread this knowledge to you here. The socket safety door is also called: a socket protector. The socket safety door is a safety baffle in the electric plug socket extension leads hole. Socket protectors usually take the form of dummy plugs and plug into the socket. The purpose is to prevent anything else from being plugged into the socket, such as a child’s finger or object. Curious people should find that each hole of the universal extension cord in the family will find an enormous resistance to stop when the plug is inserted, which is a small function of the safety door.

plug socket extension

The following explains how important it is to have a multi plug socket extension lead with a socket safety door.

Outlet protectors may sound like a simple function – but the reality may be the opposite. There is no standard for the design and performance of socket protectors, and products available on the market may vary in quality and size. Socket protectors rarely have pins as large as 13A plugs; they are usually broader or narrower. Suppose the prongs are more comprehensive than a 13A plug when inserted. The socket protector can widen and deform the spring contacts, eventually causing permanent damage or poor contact in the socket. In everyday use, this can lead to potential arcing and overheating. But if the socket protector has narrower pins than a 13A plug, it can easily be pulled out of the socket, defeating its purpose.

After considering the physical size of the socket protector, the next consideration is the material of the socket protector. If the material is made too brittle, the socket protector may break during plug its unplugging operation, making it more troublesome. Then the safety gates are all spring-loaded to close off the contact openings. When the plug is inserted into the receptacle, both springs are compressed. The safety shutter then opens, allowing the metal prongs to make contact to create an electrical circuit because it must simultaneously compress both springs with the same pressure. The safety shutter does not open when a child attempts to insert an object into only one contact opening, so there is no contact with electricity.

Details of the jack

After listening to the above instructions, you should understand the importance of the safety protection door of the socket. Although it sounds like a small part of the socket hole, it can play a significant role in protecting the internal circuit contacts of the socket from the large plug. While improving the durability of the socket, and finally the essential safety.

Effectively protect the safety of children

Daily our family socket extension cord with switch is often placed in relatively low places, such as on the floor, under the sofa, and on the table. At this time, children at home will touch the family high power plug socket extension lead while playing. After all, children are small and do not understand the danger of electric shock from the extended power cable. If a child’s finger or pick up a small object is inserted into the socket, it will cause a dangerous occurrence, and there is a risk of electric shock. This problem should be paid more attention to because there are not many examples of life-threatening situations caused by this problem every year.

After realizing the importance of power socket safety gates, you need to go and check whether your socket has socket protectors, but pay attention! !! Do not insert foreign objects by yourself. You need to disconnect the power from the socket and then insert the plug of the electrical appliance to see if there is a strong sense of resistance. If your home or office is still using an old-fashioned power socket extension lead or used for a long time, you need to replace it because the old extension lead may not have a socket protector or age and can’t function.

The following plug socket extension is equipped with socket safety doors, which can effectively protect the safety of you and your family.

The practical black 4 gang extension lead combines 4 AC sockets, 3 USB-A port Smart charging ports, one 18W QC fast charging port, and 4 USB total power of 30W. A mounting groove on the back can be easily installed on the wall, saving more desk space.

W035KT black 4 gang extension lead

This extension cord with individual switch has three specifications, supporting up to 5 AC interfaces and 2 USB ports. Independent power switch and Independent LED indicator lamp design, more convenient socket power control, and the side has overload protection button can safeguard your expensive device.

88K5U scenes to be used 1

This 2 way extension lead with switch adoption stand design has 3 USB-A ports, and one USB port support QC fast charging can transmit 15W at most. At the same time, the stand design can also provide a good viewing angle, freeing your hands.

4color, 5V 2.4A

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