Do You Need To Choose An Extension Leads With USB?

In this day and age of technology, everyone owns at least one or more mobile devices. For example, mobile phones, iPads, headsets, and laptops require USB ports. So you think need to choose an extension leads with USB?

Due to the increased demand for USB charging accessories, you can now find many electric extension cord with different features. With so many devices requiring USB ports to charge, one wall socket is far from sufficient to keep all your household and office devices running. If you have USB power extension cable, then you can perfectly solve your lack of charging ports. You don’t need to carry a phone charger adapter at all times, just a charging cable.

First of all, you need to consider a few points when choosing an extension lead with USB

Power magnitude of power socket extension with USB

Not all USB extension boards provide the same charging power, and different charging powers charge at different speeds. The charger that accompanies your device, whether a mobile phone, watch, or iPad, is designed specifically to provide the correct amount of current to that device and no more.
The terms 1A and 2.1A refer to the amount of electrical current a port handles. This measurement is conveyed in amps (hence the ‘A’). Most USB charger extension cable or charging stations deliver 1A or 2.1A of power per USB port. Mobile phones do fine with 1A ports; however, these are not suitable for tablets.

Our power strips can automatically detect the connected device and deliver the optimum power. When choosing a USB power strip, it is best to go with a minimum of 2A ports to ensure that you can successfully charge a range of devices. High-power USB ports range from 2.4A to 5A. Although 2.1A ports are generally sufficient, higher-powered ports will charge your devices faster and allow you to save more charging time.

Charging speed of multi plug with USB

The port on the USB power board is dedicated to charging, not the main transmission port like the ports on PCs and laptops. This means that power strips offer better and faster charging capabilities.

Different types of USB ports charge at different speeds. Some Android smartphones are designed with Quick Charge technology. This feature allows the device to be set in the fastest time possible. If you pair this device with a high-speed charging station, you can effectively assess your mobile in no time.

Number of ports in the power extension lead outlet

USB extension plug sockets are designed to charge multiple devices at the same time. They come in a variety of configurations. Buying enough ports with an allowance for one or two extras is essential.

Many electrical extension plugs socket have maximum output with a limit of power that they can provide across all ports. This may result in some devices being charged on a lower current than needed.

This extension cable with individual switches has four sockets and 4 USB ports, which can supply power to 8 devices at the same time, and the back has a mounting slot design, you can easily install it in various places, expand your desktop space, and also can be very good hidden in the corner.

extension lead with switch use scenario 2

This 3 plug extension lead with USB fast charge includes three standard AC sockets and 4 USB-A ports, plus 1 QC 3.0 fast-charging port, allows charging up to four appliances and five USB powered devices simultaneously, main switch button with overload Protection function, effectively protect the safety of use.

extension lead with USB fast charge

This cube extension lead with USB has three different charging methods, the compact size has multiple sockets, the top has a wireless charger, and the front USB port has two fast charging ports, USB-C and QC port, which you can use for your devices. fast charging

JEOSTORM USB extension plug socket

This extension cord with individual switch possesses uniquely designed, with unique features of a clock and Bluetooth speaker, the watch has the design of an alarm clock. You can use the power strip to charge while listening. It has 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. The USB ports also support fast charging ports.

JEOSTORM Multi Power Extension Socket

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