Decorative Extension Lead Tower With A Variety Of Creative Designs

Intelligent electronic devices make life easier. However, more electronics mean more cable clutters. A high-quality life should be not only easier but well-organized and elegant. An extension lead tower equipped with multiple charging stations can help you deal with this mess and keep every home appliance and mobile electronic on the go safely.

A good plug extension lead tower should have robust performance and of charging ports, and just multiple AC sockets can no longer meet the needs of many households. Many families pursue the conditions of rich functions, fashionable appearance, unique designs and high safety. Isn’t it agreeable to see your socket extension lead on the life as artwork? Most innovated JEOSTORM extension lead towers are equipped with leading technologies and fine artistry to make your life easier and cosier.

JEOSTORM Two Socket Extension Lead With Air Purifier

This short tower extension lead with air purifier comes with two AC outlets, USB-A ports and two USB fast charging ports. Top equipped with an air purifier, the H13 HEPA filter properly filters particles larger than 0.3 microns, such as Smoke, Pollen, Dander, Hair, and Smell. It can achieve 99.97% air purification and purify two cubic meters of space per hour, which is very suitable for small spaces.

JEOSTORM Extension Electrical Socket

JEOSTORM Extension Lead Plug Sockets With Bluetooth Speaker

Multi features socket has 2 AC sockets + 3 USB ports (USB-A, QC port, USB-C port). On the front is a time display that can set the alarm. On the back is a speaker function that supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, TF card and U disk. Besides charging smartphones and tablet computers, you can use this double socket extension lead to listen to songs while charging.

Z04UC desk extension lead

JEOSTORM 2 Plug Extension Lead With Phone Stand

This portable extension lead socket has three different charging methods. An AC outlet on two sides, three USB ports on the top, and a wireless charging function on the front. Shell use PP and PC flame-retardant material. Stand design can bring you the best view of watching movies, FaceTime with friends, and online shopping. Make your hands free and keep your desktop tidy.

Use on TV cabinet, type-c

JEOSTORM 10 Gang Tower Extension Lead

The vertical design vertical tower extension lead with 10 AC sockets and 4 USB charging ports, the top has a Wireless charger. Its 14 charging stations are distributed evenly with vast space. Don’t worry about interference when charging multiple devices simultaneously. Each layer has a switch button to control the power supply of each layer. There is an overload protection button at the bottom. When the power socket extension lead tower is overloaded, it will automatically cut off the power to protect your equipment.

713KUW tower extension lead black

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