Choose The Proper Multi Socket Extension Leads For Your Home Theatre And Gaming Room.

With the gradual improvement of the quality of life, many people dream of building an exclusive gaming area or home theatre at home. These gaming areas will undoubtedly require a lot of equipment to support. In addition to preparing some gaming area peripherals, you also need to pick a multi socket extension leads that can provide enough power for them.

So how do you choose the proper multi socket extension leads for your home theatre and game room?

A perfect home theatre at home lets you can watch Netflix or streaming and switch to gaming mode to play with your Playstation 5 or X-box Series X or Use the Switch OLED and Gaming Fitness Ring to do some fitness exercises against the display? Especially now that the epidemic is still restricting us to most of the time at home, the entertainment area in the family can help us pass the time very well.

Multi Socket Extension Leads for Home Theatre

Suppose you want to create a gaming room. In that case, you need to have all kinds of gear, including a gaming console, one or more big monitors for PC gaming, A well-good host computer, an high-quality audio speaker, a phone charging station and some decorative LED lights. These play areas all sound pretty cool. After you prepare these devices, you need to schedule another device: a safe eletrical extension lead socket, which provides the necessary power for your device safely and efficiently.

Multi Socket Extension Leads for Gaming Room

These TV or the display, the gaming consoles has not only a power cord but also an HDMI cord for data transmission. The more device you have, the more cords and plugs you will have to deal with. And some devices also need a lot of high wattage extension lead sockets to support work. After all, a good game computer host needs a 1000W power supply to keep it.

To deal with all these device power problems, you need the best extension lead socket. It must have enough outlets to accommodate all the plugs or adapters. More importantly, independent switches with which you can manage the power for all your stuff with just one press—no need to repeatedly unplug the power plug.

The multi socket extension leads introduced below can perfectly carry multiple device plugs and provide sufficient security.

With this 5 socket extension lead, you can plug all the cords in it and place it on the table or mount it up on the wall or under the desk to make it invisible. There are five outlets in total, and each outlet has an independent switch. Two USB ports are included you can use USB ports directly to power your mobile device.

88K5U scenes to be used 1

This 10 way tower extension lead adoption of a vertical design, with the outlets and USB ports distributed on the sides. This 10 gang switched extension lead can save more desktop space and avoid too many cords causing clutter. Surge protection can absorb sudden power surges, and overload protection can prevent overload conditions caused by excessive power.

713KUW tower extension lead black

If you want a more beautiful or personalized desktop, you can choose this 2 socket individually switched extension lead with a clock and Bluetooth speaker. On the desktop, you can check the time and set alarms as reminders at any time. The built-in Bluetooth speaker can also be directly connected to the computer as an additional speaker for your computer. The two AC sockets and three USB ports provided simultaneously are enough to provide power for your mobile devices.

Z04UC Black socket Bluetooth speaker

Or this 2 plug extension leads with a mobile phone stand design, three USB ports on the top, supporting QC and Type-C fast charging ports, and supporting wireless charging at the stand part. Placed on the desktop, you can set your phone up anytime, anywhere, and the stand can provide a perfect viewing angle, allowing you to watch videos while charging.

Use in meeting room, FT02WC

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