Best Power Extension Socket Supporting QC Charging Protocol

What is the function of the best power extension cord outlet with the QC charging port? How is it different from an ordinary extension cord with USB port? Many people may not know the difference between a QC port and a USB-C port. Smartphone battery capacities are increasing alongside the introduction of more power-hungry hardware. Fast charging technology becomes more, fast charging on modern-day smartphones has become a feature most of us take for granted. It allows you to spend less time in the extension cable plug socket. It would help if you learned how it works and how to keep your devices safe when fast charging.

Quick Charge abbreviation: QC or QC Quick Charge, QC charge protocol refers to a power management technology developed by Qualcomm. Enables devices to charge faster than standard USB. Since QC3.0, the drive technology has been named INOV.

 Several competing fast-charging protocols in the industry today,  for example, QC charging and USB-C charging ports (you can see another article on USB-C ports).QC fast charge was among the most widely used of them all.

The Quick Charge(QC) charging protocol was applied earlier than the USB-C (PD) charging protocol in the mobile phone market. QC charge allows you to charge up your device significantly faster than legacy USB chargers. Its technology still has benefits in terms of heat management, efficiency, and longevity of the battery itself. It can fully charge Android devices in an hour or less. It was once the dominant fast charging technology in the Android ecosystem, but USB-C(PD charging protocol) mostly applied to the charging of the iPhone. Even though many phone manufacturers have their charging protocols these days, many devices include support for QC charge protocol as a secondary fast charging option.

Why quick charge, the benefits of a USB power extension socket quick charge?

A Quick Charge-enabled charger delivers more power when paired with compatible devices, allowing the connected device to charge faster. As one of the most widely used fast charging technologies, Quick Charge is already in many of your favorite smartphone use. If your smartphone is Quick Charge 3.0-compatible, you can set up to 80% in just 60 minutes.*

To futureproof your chargers, each new QC charge protocol generation is backward compatible, which will work with the previous generations. In addition, future Quick Charge 4+ is expected to work with USB Power Delivery, enabling Quick Charge accessories to fast charge a more comprehensive array of devices.

When the best power extension with USB port is also equipped with a QC charging protocol, it will be more practical, charge up to 4 times faster than conventional 5W chargers. As the mainstream charging protocol, the QC port is compatible with most Android devices, and using the QC charging protocol will be much faster than the standard USB port, which can bring a better experience. So it is very worthwhile to choose a USB charger extension socket with a QC charging protocol.

This 4 plug extension cord with a perfect switch combination of 4 AC outlets, 3 USB-A charging ports, and a USB port supporting the QC18W fast-charging port. This 4 way plug extension can provide the power you need for your device, safely power up to 8 devices from a single wall charging unit.

extension lead with switch use scenario 5

This 2 gang switched extension lead has a wall mount design on the back, and you can install it on an anchor line, a bedside table, or against a wall. The USB port is equipped with intelligent IC charging technology. It has a QC 15W fast charging port, can automatically deliver the optimal charging speed for the device.

Wall-mounted. Use on TV cabinet

This small and exquisite cube plug extension socket has 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. The USB port has three charging ports: USB-A 、20W USB-C、18WQC charging ports. The wireless charger on the top allows you to charge more conveniently without looking for a charging cable.

JEOSTORM Extension Cord With USB Outlet

This 2 plug extension socket with bracket design also has three USB charging ports. The USB ports support three fast charging ports USB-A, USB-C, and QC. The front bracket part supports wireless charging protocols. The stand part can provide a perfect viewing angle, allowing you to watch videos while charging.

Use in meeting room, FT02WC

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